Just before I left Germany, I went to the Heidelberg knitting group. One of the members gave me a gift, wrapped in a Christmas napkin, and said that it was a Christmas present.

I am not usually one to be tormented by unopened gifts, but this one made me curious. It was small, and flat, and everything in it was soft. And it was from a knitter. It was hard, but I was good, and waited until Christmas to open it.

And look what I found inside!


Aren’t they adorable?? They are tiny, tiny little mittens knit out of sock yarn with what must really be infinite patience. They have thumb gussets. There’s a right and a left. I just love them.

We didn’t get a tree this year, partly because we don’t have much to put on a tree. This is our first Christmas spent at home rather than with family, so our ornament collection is really very small. I’m tucking these away for next year, though, and I can’t wait to put them on our first tree. For now, I’ve just been smiling and doing a little happy dance whenever I see them. Their tininess just delights me. Thanks, Andrea!