Welcome to DesigKnit, the place where we (or at least I) get geeky about design in the fiber arts. I am a scientist and professor, and love to play with yarn (mostly wool) in my spare time. I started as a knitter, then became a spinner, weaver, and dyer to support and expand my yarn habit. Then I started dyeing to support yours. Because, you know. It’s more fun with a group.

At every stage, picking up a new skill is about getting more control over the design process, allowing me to make any garment I can imagine. (And some that I can’t quite see yet…there are plenty of heuristic designs in the archives.) Sometimes inspiration comes from the yarn, and sometimes I pluck it out of the great blue sky. Have you looked at the sky lately? There are some great blues up there!

Dyeing from photos is one of my favorite ways to play with color. Spinning a set of colors into an interesting yarn, and knitting it up is just the beginning. I also love to experiment with texture, pattern, and construction to make the most interesting (yet practical) garments possible. Whatever I’m up to at the moment, it’s guaranteed to be an adventure. I hope you join me!