We signed the lease for a new apartment on Wednesday. It’s a little scary signing on a place we haven’t seen, but we emailed a lot with the current tenant and the landlord, and I think it will be ok. If not, it’s only a six month lease. And if it’s really not ok, then breaking the lease will cost less than a plane ticket to fly back and check it out ahead of time. Oh, the wonders of long-distance moves!

It is nice to know that I have somewhere to live when I get back to the US in a few weeks, and it’s starting to feel real that I’m moving back. I’m excited, but I’m also not sure I’m ready. (I guess that’s why I have another three weeks…)

Having the apartment settled does mean that my computer time can go back to being about knitting, and I’m very happy about that.

I’ve also been wondering exactly how much wool I can get through customs before they get suspicious and want to see proof that I’m not trafficking yarn. I honestly haven’t bought much of the fiber here in Germany, but I do have quite a lot of it…

And, since we’re (mostly) on the subject of new homes, now seems as good a time as any to announce that the blog is also getting a new address. We’ve been working on this for a while now (really, it’s mostly Branden…I just come in and make crazy requests and wonder what’s taking so long), and I think it’s ready to go. I’ll keep both sites going while we transition, but most everything will be happening over there.

The one thing that we haven’t ported over yet is the comments section; the ones that have been posted on this site are currently being held hostage by Haloscan. Branden thinks he knows how to get them back without paying $12.99 for the premium membership, but it might take a while. Any new comments posted on DesigKnit (the new website) will work just fine, and will go through WordPress (yay!!), but it will take a while for us to import all of the archives over. So go check it out, ignore the current lack of comments, and let us know what you think!