Oooh. Did you notice the new sidebar? It’s like a dessert table, just beckoning you to go check it out. This is the list of blogs that I am subscribed to through Google Reader. Some of them post daily, some hardly ever post. Some are new, many have been on my list for a while. These are the people whose projects I follow, and yes, there are many. Really, though, it’s only between 10 and 30 posts a day, which isn’t too bad now that I’ve taught myself to knit and read at the same time. So, if you have a moment, go check them out. A few today, a few tomorrow, and before you know it you’ll be reading while knitting, too. (See what you started, Kris? I’d like you to know that this is all your fault.)

Do you read this blog and yet not see yours on my list? That might mean that I don’t know about you, so feel free to let me know where to read you, too!