The Tunisian Crochet Cowl is still plodding slowly along, but it’s in that awkward period of no visible progress, so I won’t bother showing it here. The yarn balls continue their shrinking, so it should be done soon.

In the meantime, I have something new to think about. My sister was wearing this sweater when I saw her last weekend. I liked the drape and the hemline, so of course I had to inspect it to see how it was made.


It turns out that it’s just a rectangle with arm holes put in the right places. Who knew?


I thought it was a really interesting variation on the Mondrian Sweater, which was essentially a rectangle that wraps over the shoulders and has a cutout that goes under the arms. The arm holes are placed a little differently here, and all of the shoulder shaping that I used in the Mondrian sweater is eliminated, making for a much simpler design. It’s fun how a slight change in armhole placement completely changes the hemline, too.

The armholes appear to be cast off without any shaping at all. They’re worked on a diagonal, but without interrupting the stitch pattern.



There couldn’t be a simpler garment to recreate, and my brain has been chugging away in the background while I grade term papers and write exams. It’s a little hard to see in the photos, but the pattern in the original is just a simple lacy cable design. This is nice because it’s reversible and it doesn’t have an “upside down” and “right side up” direction, so that both front panels look the same to the casual observer. Still, I’m wondering what other stitch patterns might work for something like this, and whether I have suitable yarns in the stash. Maybe by the time the cowl is finished I’ll have another project ready to go on the needles?