I got an email today from Walden at Eternal Arts and Crafts telling me that I’d won a prize for commenting on her site. I didn’t even remember entering, probably because I was so focused on the handmade journal in the post (which is beautiful).

And then, she gave me a hard choice. I could go with the dyed roving in pretty blues, purples, and greens, or I could get an undyed roving to play with. I’ve been itching to dye again lately, and I have some solutions already made up that I need to use before we move, so I went with the undyed fiber. It’s hard to pass on those colors, but this way I get to use my prize twice: once as a dyer and once as a spinner.

Make that three times; I also get to knit with it! What a fun prize! I’m really looking forward to playing with it when it arrives. Thanks, Walden!

It’s so nice to get a fun surprise, especially at the start of what promises to be a stressful week. Excuse me while I go do an “I won a prize” happy dance. =)