Things have been a bit stop and go over here lately (both literally and figuratively). We had the rush of the move, then the slower pace of settling in and working from home for a few weeks. That was great, until the work started to dry up and the guilt complex kicked in (I am constitutionally incapable of being paid for not doing any work).

Then there was a job interview, which is very likely to turn into a real job. But big wheels turn slowly, and the company is a bit of a behemoth. So I might know in a few weeks. Or a few months. No one really knows. (This is just as frustrating for the people trying to hire as it is for me, I’m sure.)

In the meantime, I’m now going into the lab that I might possibly end up working in sometime in the future, except I’m going in as a postdoc, borrowing lab space. So I get to try out the commute, without the paycheck to pay for a second car.

Branden has been experimenting with a combination of bike and train to get to work, which has helped a lot (it takes me 2 hours to drop him off and get to work…not fun.) Still, things are a little up in the air. I need to be ready to do work the moment that it’s available, but there hasn’t been a lot ready to hand. The couple of weeks at home with no work gave me more time to play with fibery things, but now I find myself with a blog backlog just waiting for some pictures that I’m not home to take.

Today, it was almost decided that I should just stop working in the lab for now, and resume again if they really hire me. (Big companies also have lots of red tape.)

But now, it looks like I’ll be keeping on as before.

Stop and go.

Too bad you can’t knit while driving.