I lasted until about Tuesday before casting on with the Chiaogoo needles, despite their blunt tips. I had visions of just sucking it up and knitting the whole shawl with them. I tried to convince myself that they weren’t too bad.

And then yesterday, I was out running errands and stopped by the yarn store that I knew had Addis.

What a difference it makes to have the right tool.

I’d say my speed has doubled. As long as you don’t count the part where I had to pull back 3 times because I made a mistake that I couldn’t seem to fix. (It’s fixed now. )(I hope.)

I now have the right needles, and I’m pretty sure I have the right yarn this time.

My gauge doesn’t seem to have changed much, but I’ll probably do a light blocking on the needles in a few rows just to be sure. Wouldn’t want to have to pull all the way back, even if the knitting is faster this time around! For now, I’m calling this a swatch.

I also finished the warping this afternoon. There were a few tangles, and some odd problem that caused a few warp threads to break (still not sure why), but we are out of the woods now. I even have a little bit of fabric begun.

(That dark color is really green, not brown…)

Though warping takes forever, the weaving is indeed fast.

There might be a glimmer of hope that this will be a productive week.