You may remember that I posted a week or two ago about how spring was here.

Well, since then, winter’s been doing its best to convince me that I am wrong. I don’t believe it for a minute…the buds on the trees, the birds singing in the morning, and the sun being up when I’m walking home from work are telling me otherwise, but for now winter has been making a show of being here to stay.

Everyone in lab has been kind of keeping an eye on the end of the 10-day forecast, hoping to get a first glimpse of the temperatures rising into springtime. (Actually, they already have risen. We’ve been above freezing almost constantly for a month now. In these parts, that counts as springtime. Yes, I still love it here.)

This week, it looked like we’d be in the upper 30’s and low 40’s every day.  And then this is what the world looks like this morning:

Looks like we actually got the 4-5 inches of snow that they predicted last night. I may have a strange sense of humor, but really it just makes me laugh. It will all be gone again in a few days anyway, and for now, I’m really enjoying my (hopefully?) last snow of the year.

This snow is the wet, heavy kind that comes when the temperature is really too high for it to have any business snowing in the first place (read: spring). It’s a New England snow, really. It’s not the powdery, fluffy stuff that we usually get here in Wisconsin. I absolutely love the way it sticks to everything, turning all the trees into white shadows of themselves.

I think it’s one of the prettiest snowfalls we’ve had all year.

It looks like spring isn’t coming today, so I think I’m going to go out and enjoy my last little bit of winter on my way to work instead.