…and ready to go.

(Sorry for the horrible after-dark and in-a-dark-corner photo.)

There hasn’t been much crafting going on around here lately. I’m still settling into the rhythm of being the sole chore-doer in the house, and it’s amazing how much all those little tasks cut into my evening time. Unfortunately, I see little hope for the proposition that the cats can step in and take care of their own food, fur collection, and litterbox, and I have yet to convince the dishes to wash themselves.  And, it has been hot. Luckily, the week of mugginess seems to have broken, and there is a pleasantly chilly breeze coming in the windows, so I have hope that some knitting will get done.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on (slightly) cooler hobbies. The little loom is now warped, and though the big one still sits unfinished, progress has been made. I was away last weekend, so I didn’t get to finish cleaning the reeds, but I’m hoping to get to that in the next few days.

I did finish plying the yarn for the mulberry-colored sweater, so I really do need to get hopping on a design now. I ended up with just over 1000 yards, which has me a little worried since the last sweater was kind of a tight squeeze at 1300 yards. This yarn is fluffier, though, and I will probably knit it at a looser gauge, so I’m hoping that there will be enough. Only one way to find out, really.

Finishing the plying has freed up the wheel to work on other things, so I also have my eye on some spinning to come in the next few weeks.

So, despite the current lull, I think things are moving along nicely. I have one crafty weekend coming up, and I’m hoping that I’ll even manage to end it with both some crafting accomplished and some chores complete. How’s that for ambitious?