There has been a bit of a resurgence in crafting around here lately, but that doesn’t appear to translate to a resurgence in blogging. So, there is something of a backlog.

I posted before about weaving off the rug warp that’s been on my loom for 4+ years. It turned into 4 rag rugs for my sister, who bought her first house this summer. It appears that I failed to take a picture post-hemming, but here they are, all rolled up under the tree.

The other loom had a towel warp in matching colors. As things go when crafting on a deadline, I thought there was just one towel left at least 4 times, but the warp just kept on going. I almost never weave the exact same towel twice; I prefer to mix things up and make “siblings” rather than sets. So, there’s a little of everything in there: 9 different patterns from the same (plain weave) warp.

The twisted rib sweater is coming along, in fits and starts. I’m making up continuous set in sleeves as I go, and am learning some things about shaping shoulders this way. I ripped back by more than a ball once already to even out a color transition, took a break, and then made it back to the collar for what I hoped would be the last time, but the shoulders are somewhere between puffed sleeves and military epaulets at the moment, so there will be more ripping soon (probably tonight), and then possibly another break in between.

The last break in sweater knitting was a productive one, at least. Yet another garter stitch scarf practically fell off the needles in between. The color blocks are a set of mini skeins from Schmutzarella, which I bought at Madrona last February (I believe the colorway was Colonel Mustard’s Demise). The body and outline colors are Entice from Hazel Knits, in colorways Quill and Blacklight. I think I knit this on a size 4 needle, but couldn’t swear to it at this point.

I’m really pleased with how this one came out (despite the terrible phone photos: we are in the months of permanent darkness here in the frozen north). It’s really a very simple bias garter stitch (start at a corner, knit for a while, change directions by 90 degrees, knit short rows for a while longer, repeat), but it has a lot of bang for the buck. The only painful thing was carrying along 7 balls of yarn for most of the colorwork, since I wasn’t 100% sure how yardage would work out and wanted the option to rip back and redo. Fortunately that wasn’t necessary, and I was able to cut the yarn about halfway through the scarf, which made it much more pleasant to work.

Next up are a couple more scarves (finishing up a skein of the Blacklight, and knitting up some Sun Valley Fibers that I bought back in Madison a decade ago). Those haven’t made it past the concept stage yet, but at least the balls are wound and there’s a hint of a stitch pattern “planned”, so hopefully I’ll be able to keep the momentum going long enough to cover the gap. But first, it’s probably time to go rip back that sweater.