Sound good? You too can be eating a baked, candied apple in 5 mins or less. Here’s how:

One apple
brown sugar
butter (optional)
spice of choice (I like ginger or allspice. Nutmeg or cinnamon would also work well)

Use an apple corer to scoop out the top of the apple (stem end), and remove the core to hollow out the inside. Put hole down on a plate in the microwave, and use the baked potato setting (2-3 mins, if you don’t have a potato setting). When the apple is soft, remove from microwave. Sprinkle brown sugar and spice inside the apple, and add a tiny bit of butter, if desired. Return to the microwave (upright this time), and bake until the sugar boils over the sides of the apple. It takes me about the same amount of time to bake an apple as it does to boil tea water. Sip tea and enjoy your warm, caramel apple. I like mine with a little bit of sharp cheese. Yum!

(Sugar boils at something like 230 degrees F, so keep in mind that this apple is hot and should be allowed to cool before diving in. Ice cream can accelerate the cooling process, if you can’t wait.)