I finished the scarf version of Branden’s basketweave sweater last week, and we took advantage of another snowed-in Monday to take some pictures of it in action.

Lots of people seem to think that an 18″ wide scarf is crazy, but I have a couple already and I love their versatility. I am not very good at being “stylish” and draping things just so, and most of my scarves spend their lives thrown haphazardly around my neck in a futile attempt to keep me warm. Still, I like having the option of dressing them up if I want to, and my practical side loves a scarf that can double as a blanket in a chilly office or on a plane. Douglas Adams says that you should never travel without your towel. Well, for me, that towel is usually a scarf.

If you fold it in half, it works beautifully as a standard-issue scarf…thick and warm to keep out the cold. This is the #1 style around here, though the shawl pin does add a little bit of class (should remember to use it more often).


Then there’s the casual toss over a shoulder (which apparently also leads to slightly dopey, vacant expressions…or maybe that was just the end of the photo session drawing near?).



If you wanted something a bit more stylish, I really like it fastened low across my stomach with a shawl closure. (That’s my favorite squiggle from Leslie Wind holding it closed.)  This style also has maximal upper-back coverage for drafty offices and air conditioner vents, though it is a bit lacking in the neck snuggle.


Adding a second closure in the back practically turns it into a sweater. (There are now all kinds of thoughts floating around in my brain about kimono sweaters knit like a shawl…)


The back closure gives it a nicely fitted look in the front, too. (Here I’ve also closed up the neck a bit more.)

A slightly higher closure position makes it a little more cape-like.



And a shawl pin helps hold up the end for more of a poncho style.



I love the texture of this stitch pattern, and I love the warmth. The scarf has been finished for just over a week, and I have been wearing it every chance I get. (And with the weather we’ve been having, there have been a lot of chances.)

Of course, this design came out of a request for a pattern (thanks, Teresa), so there is also a pattern coming soon. If you have a desire to test knit, give a holler and let me know. We could all use something to warm to wrap ourselves in at this time of year!