It’s amazing what happens when you knit lace on size 6’s with sock yarn. Fast knitting! Progress!

The shoulders look very short to me in this photo, but I did measure them carefully…it’s hard to tell exactly which measurements to believe when making a garment out of lace. I think I need to get out the tape measure again. Funny how different things look in pictures…

Almost all of that shaping is done by adding just one extra knit stitch to each rib; isn’t that amazing? There is a decrease of one repeat on each side at the armpit, but other than that, there’s no shaping except the ribbing.

Despite some mild knitting malaise, I have started the back piece, and I’m hoping to get to “vest” soon. I’m not sure I’ll have enough yarn for long sleeves, but this is a summery top anyway. And who can resist a good nailbiter?