A good friend of mine called yesterday. It’s been almost a year since we last spoke. I sent her a letter in April, but never heard back. She apologized, and explained that she’d written me at least 5 replies, all of which were saved on her computer, but that she’d never gotten around to sending.

I had to laugh, because I do this all the time with the blog. There will be a great post kicking around in my head while I knit, or spin, or ride the bus, or wash the dishes. I will know exactly what I want to say, and how I want to say it. I will amuse myself for hours composing, editing, tweaking until it’s perfect. And then, I never post it.

I don’t know why this happens. The best I can come up with is distraction. I log into my computer, and a thousand things suddenly need my attention. There are emails in need of replies, deadlines that need to be met, blogs to read, and a million links to click. Hours later, I’ve answered emails, read blogs, clicked on links, and I’m exhausted. It’s usually past bedtime when I hit “hibernate” on my computer. The screen goes dark, the fan stops whirring, and in that instant I realize that I haven’t posted (which is almost always the reason that I logged on in the first place).

I am really a brilliant and witty blogger in my head. I’m even very regular about posting. But somehow, it never makes it onto the screen.

I’m not sure which I prefer; being a blogger that neglects her readers horribly, or being an excellent blogger, but only in my head.