Today I am mulling over stitch dictionaries. With one lace project finished and two small projects begun, it is now time to begin thinking about the next complicated piece.

Usually I find myself drawn to leaves and vines, curves and florals. Today, it is bold, geometric patterns. Firm and unyielding, they are difficult to pair up. Vines are all about fluidity and smooth, gradual changes from one state to the next. A geometric motif is about order and rigidity, solid and unmovable. It’s harder to find a partner for these patterns; they prefer to stand alone. Elegant and stately, they hold themselves apart.

But maybe there is a way to soften them? To take their stern, stiff lines and complement them with curves, as running water and trailing ivy complement brick houses and long, straight roads.

I have long admired the geometric designs, but have not yet figured out the trick that will allow me to combine them in one coherent piece without becoming too busy or too ornate. I have not found the middle ground between flow and stasis. I don’t know if I’ll find it this time, either, but that’s what I’m thinking about. Flipping through stitch dictionaries looking for volunteers, jotting down notes. Looking, and then looking again. Searching for the balance between order and chaos.