I don’t have much to show. I did a lot of knitting this weekend (well, a lot for these days of no time and endless deadlines). Really, I did. I cast on 5 times for these cuffs. I am determined that this sweater will not be one that makes me cringe when Branden wears it (the last one does; it is poorly shaped and really not the right size). So, it must be perfect. Right down to the silly cast on for the ribbing. 5 times. I have no idea why I just couldn’t get this to work. Actually, I have a very good idea. I firmly believe that the universe has decided that I have too much to do and therefore should be prevented from successfully accomplishing anything on the first attempt. It’s a rather cruel joke, but it does seem that the busier I get, the harder it becomes to do simple things. Like cast on.

Anyway, no bitterness here. Fifth time was a charm, after an hour or so of fussing and working through some extra length of yarn that needed to be tightened up, and I have begun the sweater. I only had to pull back one sleeve’s worth of the colorwork band, and I am now into the mostly brainless portion of the pattern, which should go much better. And, I really like the “cable” pattern.

So that’s it for today. Two cuffs. The good news is that many of the projects that have recently swallowed me up are beginning to come together, and life will (hopefully) become less hectic soon. If nothing else, there are only 3 more weeks left in the quarter, and spring break will give me a chance to catch up on other things. This will theoretically leave me with evening time again, and allow us to return to our regularly scheduled program. Happy Tuesday!