You might wonder why I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t shown you finished photos of the alpaca stole. After so long, it would probably be more natural to just completely forget than to remember out of the blue.

That’s probably what would have happened, had my memory not been jogged by this:

I said that I would knit this stole again, and last week I started the alpaca stole’s darker sister, knit in Cascade superwash sock, one of the yarns that Branden brought back from the US for me. After about 9 cast-on’s (we lost count at about 7), she was off and running. Took about three days to get the first half knit, and then we had guests for almost a week.

You know that I’m busy when I go for 5 whole days without knitting a single stitch. Not even on the train. Very strange. As of yesterday, I am back out of the no-knitting funk, and she’s singing along again.

I also finished the yarn that I’ve been spinning. Before the Raveler meeting, I had been seriously limiting my spinning time to avoid running out of fiber while in Germany. When I picked up the new top, I gave myself permission to finish. I gave it a bath on Sunday.

This picture is a little bright, and looks a little more blue than the real yarn, but you get the idea. I love the color, and I got about 200 yards out of the 2 oz of roving. It’s a little thicker than I’d like, coming out as a fingering-to-dk rather than a lace-to-fingering. I’m starting to think that’s as fine as I can get with this spindle (1.3 oz), but we’ll see.

And now, off to knit.