Here’s hoping that Branden’s magic solution works…

I tried to test it on Friday before he left for the US, but the pictures that I needed were on the camera card. Which was in his computer. Which was at work. And then the weekend was busy.

So I’m trying it now.

The first image uploaded, which is a good sign.

We decided at the last minute to send my camera with Branden, since he’s not taking the fancy one. So we threw it in his suitcase late last night. Without taking the pictures off of it.

I’ll retake them later, but for now, here’s what I have:

The finished alpaca shawl.

I knit until I ran out, and ended up getting one more repeat than I’d hoped for. This is what I had left over:

It blocked to about 72 inches long, and 16 wide. All of the green from the needles washed out nicely. And it’s very soft.