Still working on the edging for Irtfa’a. I’m at the 35th repeat of 116, so I have a ways to go. Fortunately, each 8 row repeat is pretty quick, and it’s easy to see that I’m getting somewhere.

I love the way the corners flare out when the lace is released from the needles. It makes such a pretty line; lots of motion in it. I also love the way the wrong side looks dimpled in the small feather section. I’m going to miss the little hills and valleys when the finished piece is blocked.

The one thing that’s concerning me a little is how quickly the yarn seems to be wearing as I work the edging. You can tell which stitches belong to the body and which have just been worked, since the body ones actually seem to be felting together from the friction of moving my hands over them while knitting the border. I’m a little afraid that this might mean that the yarn will wear quickly. It is lace, so it shouldn’t have much wear and tear, but I don’t want it to be too sensitive…

Fortunately, this is only showing up in the border area, and it’s not too noticeable in the final knitting, just in the loops that stick together on the holder needle.

I had hoped to make great strides in the border today, but between talking to my mom on the phone, doing my civic duty (WA caucuses were today), and grocery shopping, it’s suddenly late and I barely got any knitting in. Maybe tomorrow.