After several weeks of bare needles, I finally have a project going again. (Sort of. That’s about two weeks of knitting, right there…)

It’s a good long project, too; another super wide worsted-weight scarf on size 3 needles. Fast enough to see progress, but also long enough to keep me in stitches for quite a long time, at the rate I’m going. The yarn is Shepherd’s Wool, and has been in stash almost exactly a year – I bought it in Maine last February at the SPA knitting retreat.

This semester has been busier than usual, right from day one. Lots of good things happening, but not much time to breathe. Fortunately, this week my whole schedule suddenly lightened up (combination of a snow day and a Monday holiday), and both days this weekend I’ve actually been able to take a few hours completely off. It came at the best time, too…I have two job interviews for summer internships this week, and really needed the time to prepare and regroup.

I haven’t gotten to the knitting yet, but I’m hoping to squeeze some in there before heading back to the grind.

Also, I randomly got a password reset email for an instagram account that someone set up with my email about 3 years ago (somehow…don’t know how they managed to do that without having access to my email to authenticate). I’ve tried to get onto Instagram several times since then and wasn’t able to, because my email was already in their system. I tried the tech help email route a few times, to no avail. And then, all of a sudden, last night there was a password reset message in my inbox, and I was able to access the empty account. Go figure.

So the upshot is that my little technology snafu seems to have resolved itself, and I am now ericagunn on Instagram. Get in touch if that’s somewhere you hang out!