The computer that hosts all of the pictures for the blog got (another) virus last night. We’ve been thinking of switching over to a more long-term stable server anyway, since a lot of my academic material needs to move when I graduate in June, and we’d like to centralize all of the various sites that we maintain.

Of course, setting up a “real” website to host everything is kind of a big deal, and it takes a lot of planning. There are lots of things you need to know about what you want the website to do, but before all of that comes the name.

We’d like to have a single domain ( for both Branden and I, that can host both hobbies and professional materials. It’s hard coming up with a good domain name for two people that goes with crafts, photography, engineering, chemistry, and teaching. Branden really likes “engunneer” (his handle on just about anything that requires a username), but it doesn’t apply well to both of us. And “knittingfreestyle” isn’t such a great address for a teaching portfolio, or a professional resume. BandEGunn is a little bit boring, but it might work ok. Thing is, we’d also like something clever. (Might as well try for the impossible, right?)

The domain name is an important part of a site’s identity, and it’s a pretty permanent choice. We thought we had a little longer to make up our minds, but the virus is kind of forcing the issue, and we’re having a hard time coming up with good ideas. So, I thought I’d “ask the blog.” Any ideas for the perfect website handle?