Hope you all had a happy Fourth of July! We made it down to see the fireworks this year, which was fun (it’s been years since we’ve battled the crowds to see them). I got some knitting done on Hannah’s sweater while we were staking our claim to seats on the grass, so I’ve now finished the second sleeve and moved onto the body. Really, this project is moving pretty fast, considering how little time I’ve had to spend on it lately. And after knitting, there were these:

I was shocked the other day to realize that I just don’t want to knit right now. I come home, sit down in the knitting chair, pick up the needles, and then realize an hour later that I haven’t done anything yet. There’s been a large amount of staring blankly at the wall, which makes for very little knitting progress. It’s so unusual for me to just not feel like doing anything. It’s even more unusual to have that “anything” include knitting. Fortunately, I think the lack of motivation is likely to be short-lived. The grant proposal is supposed to be out on Tuesday, so theoretically I will soon be able to reclaim a few brain cells (and my weekends!!) to keep the needles clicking.