On this day last year, we landed in Germany. I stayed until November, Branden until February.

Tomorrow, Branden will be getting on a plane for Atlanta, where he will spend the next four and a half months training for his new job. He’ll get back in mid-November.

This year has kind of an odd symmetry to it; 5 months together, three months apart, three months together, 5 months apart. We weren’t thrilled when we learned about this latest separation, but it’s clearly the right decision, he’s excited about the new job, the training is going to be fun and very useful, and at least Atlanta isn’t as far away as Europe. (Though the last week of his training will bring him to Austria, a few hours’ drive from where we lived in Germany…see what I mean about symmetry?)

So what’s a knitter to do with an impending separation?

I cast on a sweater, of course.

Fortunately, even Branden’s sweaters don’t take 5 months to knit, but there will be warm wooliness waiting when he gets back (in November when one can yet again appreciate warm wooliness).

I think the Eco Wool has finally found its calling.