I wanted to have pictures of a rainbow vest to show you by now. There have been just two inches left on the back for about a week now. I got it down to an inch a couple of days ago. A few seams, some picked up stitches for the neck and armhole trim, and it will be done.

Except that I’ve gotten distracted again. By something smaller.

I tell myself that it’s because it’s small and easy to carry (the alpaca adds noticeable weight to my knitting bag at this point). But really, it’s just because I’m distractable, and it was demanding to be knit right now.

The beret has taken over the knitting time, I’m afraid. Coupled with the start of my intensive German class, it has completely halted progress on rainbow vests. I don’t have a picture yet, but hopefully I will get to take some tomorrow when there’s daylight.

And maybe, if I’m very lucky, I’ll manage to sit down long enough to knit that last couple of inches.