Beginnings of the week are always a little hard on the knitting schedule. Monday is slow after the weekend’s knitting burst (and this week my hands were hurting and I had to baby them…grr…), Tuesdays are teaching day, which makes for an early evening, and Wednesdays I have group meeting until 8:30 or so (we got out early tonight…hooray!). So, I have nothing much new to say or show. I have some old stuff that I’ve been meaning to post about, but I want to put some more inches on the toe socks before bed. I’m up to the arch increases, and besides a little pooling everything is going well. Since I’m knitting this pair simultaneously, there should be no need for a 3rd sock this time around.

So, since I have no knitting to share, how’s about a science picture?

This is one of my research samples (made from phthalic acid, if you really want to know). So pretty. So complicated. I wonder if I’ll ever figure out exactly why they look this way?