I have resisted. I have struggled. I have tried to talk myself out of it. And I have failed. I am starting a blog.

My husband has suggested that I should blog several times, but I didn’t really feel like I have a lot to talk about, and I’ve been worried about making a commitment to actually posting entries. And yet, at the back of my mind, there is a little voice that says “you could write about this…” several times during the course of any given project. Generally, I think that people (myself included) spend too much time on the computer, and that there’s just too much redundant information out there on the web. I didn’t want to add even more bits to those already flying along the information highway, but here I am. As of today, I have a blog. I’m sure Branden is thrilled. I think I’m thrilled.

It all started this summer, when I started reading the Knitting Wannabe blog (http://knittingwannabe.typepad.com). It was kinda fun to read about other people’s projects. My carpal tunnel was acting up, and at least I could read about knitting, even if I couldn’t really do much of it. Well, that led to a subscription to Google Reader, and all of a sudden I was keeping current with about 20 blogs. So much for less time on the computer!

While poking around looking at fun knitting projects, I ran across this post: http://coloursknits.blogspot.com/2007/02/drowning-in-cables.html
Something in the sweater struck me as perfect for my next stash-busting project, which has been waiting for the perfect inspiration to get going. I started the cable accent band last week, and have been thinking about writing a free-form sort of pattern for it as I’ve been going. It’s a fun design, and really very simple to work. It looked like a few people were interested in a pattern of sorts for it, judging by the comments on Vanessa’s blog. So now I have a project that was inspired by someone’s blog, and am thinking about writing a pattern for it. Of course, I’d need to share the pattern, and what better way to give inspiration back than by blogging about it? So, here I am, suddenly a blogger. And I think I’m probably about to get hooked…