I posted just a few days ago that I’m not a big fan of sock knitting. I want very much to be in love with sock making, but I’m just not. So, what did I do today? Yup, that’s right. I decided that I am going to do holiday knitting after all. And what am I making? You’re so good at this game…you guessed it! Socks.

So, why on earth would I choose to make too many socks in too little time when I don’t even like making socks? Yes, it probably has something to do with me being crazy. See, I have this theory. Usually, when we don’t like something for no particular reason it is mostly a case of not being familiar enough with it (think little kids and peas…). When we get some practice, we realize that it’s pretty enjoyable after all. So, I’m going to confront my lack of love for socks head on, and try a bunch, in all kinds of different styles, and then if I still don’t like them I’ll be able to say that I tried, at least.

I bounced this little brainstorm off of Branden this morning, and told him he should probably take this opportunity to save both of us the next month of sock making pressure. He didn’t take the opportunity. Instead, he said that my idea sounded logical to him, and that I should give it a try. I have to give him big points for being supportive, but I’m afraid he doesn’t score too well on the saving me from myself front. I guess we can’t be perfect in everything, can we?

Of course, I have no sock yarn. This meant a trip to the yarn store. My favorite local store for sock and fancy yarn is the Weaving Works. They’re a little on the expensive side, and for most things I prefer the Fiber Gallery, but for fancy yarns and sock selection they can’t be beat. It’s so hard to choose! I love the colors out this season. We managed to get one color for every person on the list, and I was even good and didn’t get any extra skeins, despite Branden’s belief that I needed some for me, too. I will either love socks and get more yarn after the holidays, or I will never want to see another sock again, in which case the yarn would languish forever in my stash. And really, what kind of a life is that for a beautiful yarn? I am not always so disciplined. The large pile of project yarn that I already had in my arms might have helped.

Isn’t it beautiful? Three (three!!!) skeins of Bearfoot, some very fine alpaca that will take forever to knit for a certain picky grandfather, some Lana Grossa, a bit of Colinette, and an Alpaca Sox. Mmmmm….

And for the next few days (before reality hits and I realize how many socks I have to knit in 3 weeks), I will be revelling in new projects. Here’s to delusion!