I was sitting on the bus this morning, finishing up the STR socks for Branden. I’ve been getting a lot of attention with the bus knitting lately. Pull out the knitting, and within 10 minutes someone will be talking to me. I’m up to at least 4 people this week, in the 3 days I’ve actually taken the bus. (It doesn’t help that I am one of those people that everyone just wants to talk to anyway…)

This morning, I got on the bus, pulled out the sock, and within moments noticed someone watching me. A few seconds later, he asked very softly “are you knitting a pair of socks?” I replied in the affirmative, and he smiled a little, and then said “My gramma used to make me socks. They were the best socks in the world. I still have a few of them, but I don’t wear them anymore, because I’m afraid they’ll wear out.” And then he talked about how he was from the country, and how people used to make things for themselves, and how that’s so rare nowadays. He was definitely choked up about it, and I had a very strong urge to give him the socks and make Branden another pair. There was so much heartfelt appreciation in those few sentences, and more than a little homesickness. I didn’t manage to finish the socks before my stop, but I kind of wish that I had. Instead, we parted ways with a “have a good day,” and that was it.

I’m used to getting talked to on the bus. I’m not used to making grown men tear up and get homesick. I hope he finds someone to make him a new pair of socks. It’s a lucky knitter that has such a grateful recipient.