We are normally peace-loving folk. Stray spiders, flies, even slugs that come in on the lettuce are captured and released outside. I don’t mind bugs, in their proper place (which is not in my house!). But the pantry and the stash are at risk, and we all know that this means war. We have been formulating a plan of attack.

First, identify the enemy:

We captured an enemy scout some time ago, and identified it as a white shouldered moth,
apparently a confused little bug that likes both grains and wool. Best to be vigilant on all

Next, determine enemy position:

Our high-tech surveillance equipment arrived on Friday, in the form of pheromone-glue
traps. They have been placed in strategic locations around the house to identify the high-
traffic areas.

(Does anyone else think that it’s strange to use moth pheromones in traps placed where you
least want the moths to be? Isn’t that like calling them in for dinner? The arms dealer (aka
the pest control website) assures me that this is the best plan of attack, but I must admit to
having my doubts. It is also odd to use a pheromone which only works on males when it’s
the females laying eggs and causing all the trouble. I know the idea is that females don’t lay
eggs without male help, but it does seem a little unfair. Still, this is war, and we must exploit
weaknesses where we can. It’s so much easier to make a male moth lose his sense of

Update: The traps seem to be working, as far as calling the moths out of hiding. Not a single one has been trapped yet, but we’ve seen three since putting out the traps 24 hrs ago. They’ve been out in broad daylight, too. We didn’t really give the traps a chance to catch them, once they were seen, but I don’t really think they’re going to catch many. Oddly enough, all sightings have been in the livingroom. No food in there, and very limited yarn, which has all been closely inspected. Very strange.

A note on comments: I just got a new laptop, and don’t have my default email clients set up yet. I will resume comment-responding soon. In the meantime, thanks for the moral support! =)