This weekend, I worked away on the sleeves for the fall colors sweater. Then, we went and got supplies for the finishing (zipper, grosgrain ribbon in case the hem insists on flipping up after its finished, and bias tape to tack down the steek edges).

Last night, I cut the last steek.

Look at all those floats! They make the fabric beautifully thick and warm.

The edges are picked up, button bands, collars, and sleevecap shaping knit.

The sweater needs a good blocking, a couple of sleeves, and a zipper. (And, of course, the ends woven in.)

All along, this project has been just far enough along for me to hold out the barest of hopes of finishing for Rhinebeck, and also not quite far enough along for me to be sure that I can make it. We leave on Friday. Chances?