No, not that yarn. It’s still waiting to figure out what it wants to be.

I bought some yarn for a hat for Branden on Saturday, remember?

I cast on Sunday night, and Monday morning I finished. I tried it on for you, but all I could get were fuzzy pictures (which might not be all that bad, since the yarn is fuzzy).

The cats were not interested in helping with this photo shoot, so my knee had to step in.

Though it might be easiest to see laid flat, as long as you ignore the glaring white of the sheets in the background. Today is apparently not the day to get good lighting in our apartment.

But you get the idea. Thick, (very) warm, soft, and fuzzy. Cables and ribs. Hard to go wrong.

I used a slip stitch rib (my favorite for things that should be stretchy), and then switched to a 6-stitch cable when I was ready to start the pattern. After every cable twist, I decreased two stitches, so that I ended up with the narrowing cables at the crown. Super simple, super fast.

Did I mention that it’s warm?

ETA: I almost forgot the best part…the hat took a few yards less than a single ball. I bought two. (If I had known how much I’d like it, I’d have bought many. Good thing I didn’t know!) That means that there’s more where this came from…