We spent last weekend on Campobello Island, just over the Canadian border on the Atlantic coast.

The weather was picture perfect for the whole weekend, though it rained buckets on us for both the drive up and the drive back down. Couldn’t have had better timing, really, and it’s hard to top that view.

This weekend, we will be heading down to Plymouth to see Mike (and hopefully set up my new dye studio in his garage). It’s about time, too…I have run out of knitting that I can do without knowing the size of the sweater I’m making.

Fortunately, the top-down raglan construction starts out the same for pretty much all sizes; you cast on for the neck, do a little shaping, and then knit until you reach the underarms. The size that you want to knit determines where you split. On me, I would split for the arms at about 10 inches. For Branden, I usually do 12-13 inches. Last weekend I made it to about 12 inches on the Mike sweater, which meant I had to stop and wait for size information (to be gained by surreptitious methods this weekend…we don’t really have a plan, except probably to steal a sweatshirt from his closet for a few minutes’ meeting with a measuring tape).

In the meantime, I have MacGyvered some more MacGyver yarn, to use Ellen’s apt description from the comments last week. I can’t believe how perfectly the 2-ply MacGyver matches the gauge of the 3-ply Harriet yarn. A stroke of pure luck, methinks.

Since MacGyver knitting was verboten this week, I focused my commute time on the waving lace sweater instead.

It’s a little harder to find space to spread out a lace chart when riding on the train, but it’s making good progress nonetheless. I’m up to the waist shaping now, and the whole thing is looking far, far too big to me. Still, the measurements are spot on and I am going for a looser fit, so I’m sticking with the current plan and hoping against all hope that I don’t end up reknitting in a smaller size.