The one good thing about crazy busy weeks is that the weekend arrives before you really expect it. And this weekend is especially exciting, as tomorrow is Madrona day. (Well, actually, Madrona’s been going since Thursday, but we’ll pretend like I haven’t missed anything by having work to keep me from going.)

So, it seems likely that there will be some actual fiber content soon!

I managed to find a moment when Branden and I were both in the house tonight, and measured the sweater progress. It’s not as much as I thought. To be honest, it’s never as much as I expect at this stage in his sweaters. We are officially into the endless middle stage, where it takes an infinite number of rows to make half an inch. Sometimes I wonder if it’s possible to get negative rows per inch.

It just seems wrong that 16 inches is not enough to start splitting for the sleeves. I thought I was close at 12. Humph.

I almost said “too bad I don’t have more papers to grade.” I think I might need to get my sanity checked.