It appears that I am both two-timing and double-posting. Really, this behavior is unacceptable.

Whoops. Sorry ’bout that.

We’ve been trying to come up with ways that I can compose posts and then have Branden upload them directly to the blog. This would be a lot simpler than the current arrangement where I take the pictures, Branden loads them onto his flash drive, brings them to work the next day, uploads them to our photo gallery, creates links for me, and then I compose the blog post and publish it from home. We’ve had a few hiccups in this plan, and if one of us forgets even one of the steps it adds an extra day to the delay in posting.

Blogger has a handy feature where you can just write your post in Word, add the pictures, and hit “publish.” (Supposedly.) I was a bit suspicious, but we gave it a test run last week, and it worked reasonably well. Branden went through and fixed all the formatting and checked that the formatted text was right (wasn’t that nice of him?), but missed the double post. We’ll know to check for that little error next time.

And the good news is that it almost worked. So I might be able to post more now. Which means I can show you other things that I’ve been playing with. Maybe I should go do some writing, huh?