I realized shortly after announcing that I was working on a new Drishdi scarf that the new scarf isn’t actually the Drishdi pattern after all. The pattern was so simple (literally three stitches; k, yo, k2tog) that I didn’t bother to look it up when I started the new scarf. I was sure that I remembered.


You may note that there is a subtle difference between this:

and this:

It’s amazing what a difference one little knit stitch can make. (Especially when it’s two thirds of the pattern repeat.)

Of course, that got me thinking. What else can you do with just k, yo, and k2tog in a reversible pattern with only one pattern row? So tonight, I’ve been playing around:

Turns out there’s quite a lot that can be done. Somehow I think we haven’t seen the end of the Drishdi family…