Temptation has arrived. In this case, it is in the form of a very soft skein of superfine merino laceweight from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. Remember the Irtfa’a that I was so excited about?

The yarn came today! Oh no! How am I supposed to do Christmas knitting with such temptation sitting only inches away? I am dying to start on this project, but I need to finish Christmas knitting first. Oh dear. It’s a good thing that I enjoy the anticipation of a project as much as the starting. Otherwise a month might kill me. I already feel myself bargaining with my self discipline.

“If I do one sock today, can I just cast on?” or “How about 5 rows of Irtfa’a for each sock finished?”

I love lace. Isn’t the yarn gorgeous? I like it even better in person than I did online, and even online I was tempted to buy one of each of the entire Raven clan (good thing it’s expensive enough to put a stop to that kind of impulse shopping!). It is super soft, and it has incredible colors. It’s sitting by my chair so that I can take it out and look at it and pet it on occassion. It’s going to be a long month…