I haven’t forgotten that I promised you lace photos. I even took them last night, but we didn’t upload them until tonight. Without further ado, I give you lace.

Here’s the progress on the center panel:

5 more repeats in the fountain lace, and this side will be done. I can’t believe how quickly it’s going, especially considering how little time I’ve had for knitting in the past couple of weeks.

Then, a close up of the fountain lace. I love the lines on this one; I can’t wait to see how it works next to the swag lace, now that they’ll both be pointing in the same direction.

The horseshoe pattern:

I love the way the colors vary ever so slightly in the lace pattern. It shows up really nicely in the horseshoe pattern, because it’s so solid.

And then, the one part I don’t like so far. The join:

Do you see the jog in the center pattern? I charted, counted, recounted, and worked this join 4 or 5 times. I thought I was happy with it, and then about 3 repeats later I looked back and realized that I had decreased one too many stitches in the transition row and the center repeat of the pattern was off center by a stitch. Branden spent some time earnestly trying to find the problem and couldn’t, so I think I’m just going to leave it. It’s glaringly obvious to me, but I think it will look better after blocking. Maybe. Or maybe the obsessive-compulsive part of me will just have to realize that it’s not that big a deal. If someone who knows there’s an error can’t find it, it’s probably ok. Of course, the anal part of me is really good at insisting that it’s not ok unless it’s perfect…