This week started out with a kind of last-minute trip back to Madison on Sunday night, which lasted until Tuesday and in which I worked 24 hours in 2 days, but managed to collect a huge amount of data for our paper-in-progress.

Being back in Madison meant that I got to sneak out of lab for lunch and knitting with my favorite knitting group. The three of us have met once a week for over a year now, and it was nice to be back for a visit.

The other thing that was nice is that it actually gave me an hour to sit down and actually knit. I think I’ve only spent about 30 minutes doing that since we moved. (I know!)

The terribly neglected and not often mentioned sweater has acquired a second sleeve since the last time you saw it:

And that sleeve is moving closer and closer to completion. I did decide to pull back and redo the shoulder shaping for the first sleeve, so it needs a few more inches added, but it’s getting close.

But really? At this point I’m just glad to have taken up the needles again. Slowly, slowly, things return to normal.