The Mike sweater is steadily progressing, and I only have about two inches of the body left to knit before I get to the hem ribbing. I’ve used 13.5 ounces now, but the yardage is still looking good, so I’m hopeful that we might squeeze by on just the Harriet yarn.

This is around the point where I really need to start thinking about what’s coming next. Sleeves always go so quickly, and the end of projects always sneaks up on me, leaving me wandering around and listlessly wondering what to do next.

Of course, the waving lace sweater is still in progress.

I’m working my way slowly up the back panel, and am about half a repeat from the waist shaping. A week of solid commute knitting would do a lot for it; let’s hope that this is the week where the knitting and train stars align.

Next on my list is the fall colors sweater. Given that it’s almost August, it seems appropriate to begin working on that so that there is some chance that it will be done in time for (late) fall. I would have started this quite some time ago, except that I need to get size 00 and 000 Addi lace needles, and haven’t found them in a store yet. At this point, I really just need to give in and order some online so that they’ll be here when it’s time to cast on. (Either that, or start visiting a lot more yarn stores…)

The yarn that I spun from the Fiber Optic BFL/Silk and my brown Rambouillet has been sitting on my desk, begging to become a project. I can’t wait to cast on with it, but I am just not sure yet what it wants to be. I have a couple of shawl ideas floating around in my brain, but none of them quite fits this yarn. I think we may need to spend some quality time together to figure out what it will become. Doesn’t it match nicely with my straights case and table runner? Seems like a sure sign that these are the perfect colors.

I really do need to get planning, and soon. There’s only a month left before classes start, and I need enough knitting lined up to cover me through the end of term on autopilot, or it’s likely that nothing will get done. I feel like I’ve been really busy since we got here, but this is nothing compared to what it will be like when the semester is on. I’m guessing that there probably won’t be many spare brain cells between September and December this year.

Then there’s also the spinning. I started spinning the Finn that I dyed for Branden’s next sweater. If I had thought a bit more about it, I’d have spun it a bit coarser. I just sat down and started spinning, though, and it turns out that my comfortable gauge has gotten pretty fine in these past few months. I may end up knitting a Branden sweater on size 0’s, too. If that’s the case, I should definitely be covered through the end of term, and probably well beyond.  It is looking lovely, though.

There are several other things in my to-spin list, but I think we’ll leave those for another day. Need to get some knitting done first!