Ok, so it’s a bad pun. But really…am I the only one that thinks 2008 is flying?

In case those of you in more wintery climes than mine have doubted whether or not spring will ever arrive (which is pretty much everyone except the northwest and the south), it arrived on my doorstep this week.

I noticed the crocuses on Wednesday morning, but haven’t had time to grab the camera until now. I have no idea when the daffodils arrived. They were just suddenly there. It’s so strange to me that spring is so subtle here. I’ve lived here for 4 years, and yet I always expect something more dramatic. I miss real winter. (I can hear you scoffing…I really do!) As a result, I also miss real spring. When nothing ever freezes, a little bit of the miracle and excitement is taken away from rebirth. I notice the return of the sun much more here, and I notice all the little plants coming back to life a lot less.

Crocuses are my favorite spring flowers, I think. They’re such brave, hardy little souls. Even now, when I see them in the front yard in the Land of No Snow, I think of them pushing their way up through the snow and frozen ground to be the first to greet the spring. Daffodils are usually a little bit behind, and tulips are the real latecomers. It’s the crocuses and the snowdrops that signal that winter is over, even if it hasn’t quite given up the fight yet. So, take heart, all ye in frozen lands…the crocuses have arrived in Seattle, and will soon be coming to a yard near you! (I’m not sure why I’m so amused by such an odd mixing of old English and TV ad, but I am)