Last week, Kris posted that she’d updated her shop selection. Now, what else could I do but go and look? I’m not really looking for yarn; I have projects to last me forever at the rate I’m knitting. But I fell in love with these:

I’ve been wanting to try bamboo/merino sock yarn for quite a while now. I love bamboo silk, but don’t really wear things that I’d make from it. Bamboo sock yarn seems the perfect way to knit with bamboo and maybe even make wool socks a bit less toasty (one of the biggest reasons I don’t wear them much).

So, I broke the rules and bought yarn without a project in mind (I’m allowed to do that sometimes with socks, since it’s not that hard to know how much yarn to buy).

Today was one of those days where all you really want is to get home and knit and forget that the outside world exists. And then, when we got home, there was a package of yarn just sitting on the doorstep! It was a great way to start the evening. I’ve been petting it all night. (Thanks Kris!)

I’ve been working on quilting all week rather than knitting, seeing that the quilt needs to be done in just over 2 weeks. Unfortunately, quilting does not allow for simultaneous blog reading like knitting does, and so I am behind. I decided to do some knitting tonight and catch up on blogs rather than quilting. It was in the 90’s today and I just didn’t have it in me to sit under a king-sized quilt, no matter what the deadline.

In catching up on my blogs, I saw Anne’s latest post, and I think I fell in love again. (This is twice in one week…I have to be careful not to make a habit of this, or I’ll be falling all over…)

It just so happens that Tudor Grace calls for merino/bamboo sock yarn, and the colors in Anne’s version are very much like the colors in the pink/purple skein that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.

Usually I choose my projects, but I think this one may have just chosen me. And who am I to refuse, when fate sends yarn and a pattern all in one day?