I said at the beginning of the year that I wanted to give colorwork another try. It was not my favorite technique the first time I used it (in my first sweater), but I’ve learned a lot since then and I think it’s worth another go. I had heard about Alice Starmore’s books, and so I went online to find her colorwork pattern books. Turns out that I probably won’t be buying those anytime soon. Her Book of Fairisle Knitting goes for $175 on Amazon, and the one I really wanted, Charts for Colour Knitting a Designer’s Source Book starts at $350 used. Um, yeah. I think I’m going to make darned sure I like colorwork before spending more than half a paycheck on those books!

Since the Starmore books are way out of my price range, I poked around in the Fiber Gallery’s library a bit. With a little help finding books that had charts rather than garment patterns, I settled on two new color knitting books.

I really like the chart selection in both books, though I think I’ll want to digitize the charts in the McGregor book, as they’re a little hard to look at as shown in the book. Still, these should be enough to keep me busy poring over colorwork designs for quite some time!