A friend asked me tonight if it was possible to subscribe to the blog directly. I said yes without thinking much of it, because it was easy and automatic in Blogger. But then I had to stop and think a minute. I’d never seen a function like that in the WordPress dashboard, and I’d never really thought much about it. I’m one of those Google Reader junkies with a million blogs and just as many unread items on any given day, so I don’t think much about direct subscriptions that aren’t through a feed reader. But I know that there are people out there who (probably wisely) avoid the slippery slope of RSS feed readers, so I asked Branden how you could subscribe directly. It took some poking, but there is now a “register” button at the bottom of the right sidebar (just below the archived list of posts). If you want to subscribe that way, you can just click the link and it should set you up with email updates. Let  us know if you have any trouble!