The hat probably doesn’t look all that different in this photo. I ripped back to decrease the diameter, switched to dark brown yarn for the lower half to cut down on noisy color overload, and did a little bit of fiddling to make the points slightly less pointed.

It still looks like a flower. I still love that.

It no longer looks like a Mario Brothers mushroom, and for that I am deeply grateful.

However, I still do not like it on me.

It fits well.

It’s comfortable, and has even gotten fairly good reviews. Branden says it looks like a hippie hat, my neighbor says it’s super cute. Unfortunately, I’m not a hippy, and I am not generally inclined toward cuteness. Even worse, I’m afraid I’m still not a hat person.

We also noted that it must be a good color, as it matches some of our strongest accent pieces in the living room quite nicely.

(Hopefully matching with the decor will make up for the fact that it doesn’t match my sweater today. I had the right sweater on yesterday, and then we didn’t take pictures. Best laid plans and all of that…)

And the hat is warm; we checked.

In short, the hat is perfect, but it’s still not me. I’m going to give it a few days to see if things change. If all else fails, it just screams to be given to my sister; it would absolutely work for her.