It’s absolutely amazing that the 8 hours I spend at work are really eternity (I was thinking it had to be at least 3 by now when I looked up and realized that it was only 11 this morning…), and the hours I spend at home are moments long. Now, I realize that 3 hours after dinner isn’t much time to have before bed, but I’d like to feel like I managed to get something done in that time.

Well, I did get something done. I finished the shoulder increases on Irtfa’a. And then I decided that I really need to go back and fix a mistake I made and thought I’d already fixed when I went back the first time. So, I will be ripping back first thing tomorrow night, which leaves me three rows closer to done than when I started working this fine evening. How annoying.

The good news is that I really feel like I can follow this lace, and it’s going a lot faster (minus the frogging) than it was before. The even better news is that after I redo these rows I will be into the main part of the pattern which has a much smaller pattern width, and so I am less prone to silly mistakes that end with me pulling out a whole night’s worth of work. Despite the pulling I am enjoying the knitting immensely. I might gripe about it a lot, but I really do like it. Until I mess it up. But once I get it going smoothly again I’ll remember that I really do like knitting lace after all.

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. Then it will be the weekend, and I can actually get something done. I have no idea how I’m going to make it through an entire 5 days of work next week. I feel like the last two days have been a month long! I love breaks, and I had an unusually long one this year, but I think in some ways that they make things worse. It’s hard to keep plugging along when you don’t feel like it, but it’s harder when you have to go back to plugging along after having been free for a week. Oh well. To bed, so that I can get up tomorrow and plug through to the weekend!