This weekend was supposed to be for knitting (aren’t all weekends for knitting?). And then I decided to work on finishing up some quilting that’s been hanging around on Saturday morning. And then the house was a mess and couldn’t wait any longer to be cleaned, so I cleaned on Saturday afternoon. We had to actually go grocery shopping on Sunday, which has become a real rarity for us. We’ve been eating mostly form our local farmer’s market since the summer, and probably only go into a standard grocery store once every couple of months now, to get things like pasta and flour and other such nonlocal foods. We go to Wholefoods or PCC a couple of times a month for soymilk and such, but that’s usually the extent of our grocery shopping. Well, this weekend was a big grocery weekend. And a sneaker-buying weekend. And our pillows needed to be replaced. And so it went. Lots of errands, not much knitting.

We went to a friend’s house for dinner last night, so I did get a few rounds done on the sock side project, and I got to teach his 6-year-old how to knit. She even did a few stitches on the socks for me. That was fun, and saved the weekend from being completely unknitty.

I feel like I should have something to say, but I’m not feeling very awake at the moment (just finished proctoring the first exam of the quarter, and not looking forward to grading tomorrow…). So, I think I will leave off for now, rather than just rambling.

How about a science picture, since I have no knitting to offer?

Or maybe some kittens?