I’m afraid that the past two weeks haven’t been particularly knitty weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and a lot of running around, and just haven’t managed to sit still and knit very much. I’m going to New Orleans for a conference on Sunday, so next week will probably also not be very wool-filled. I’m actually debating whether or not it’s worth bringing knitting with me; I almost never end up working on it on this kind of trip, so it might not make it into the suitcase this time. But then, the idea of traveling with no knitting is a bit strange, too. We’ll see what happens when I pack tomorrow.

I did manage to finish Branden’s scarf, and even took a picture last weekend, which I then promptly forgot to post:

It’s done just in time, too. He’s flying back from Austria tomorrow, and then will meet me in New Orleans for a few days of exploring (him, not me, unfortunately), and then he’s home! And, being that he’s been in Atlanta all fall, I’m guessing that coming back to Madison weather is going to be something of a rude awakening. A scarf should be just the thing, and I love how it came out.

I’m also working away on the sweater in the in-between moments here and there. It’s starting to look like something:

(Sorry for the hideous picture, but if I wait until tomorrow to blog, it won’t happen.)

So, there you have it. Two weeks of not much knitting, a whirlwind trip, and then Branden is home. I guess it’s really no wonder that fall seems to be flying by! Hope you have a glorious weekend!