About a week ago, I ran out of bus knitting, and started a new project. I’ve had some beautiful Malabrigo sock hanging around, just waiting for an opening in the lineup. As soon as it came, I cast on.

I knit the toe, and decided that it really, really needed a smaller needle after all. I switched to a size 0, and cast on again. All along, the yarn has been objecting quietly. It’s behaving beautifully. It’s knitting up into a nice, firm fabric. The colors are incredible. But it has bigger dreams.

It wants to be a scarf. A woven scarf, in particular (it was quite specific about the woven part). It wants to go with this bamboo:

And honestly, there’s not much I can say at this point. I have started winding the warp.

In other news, the sweater is coming along nicely. Its alarming growth spurt has slowed, simply because I wasn’t home much this week, and when I was home I was winding warps for yesterday’s workshop. (More on that when I can take pictures of the finished warps, which are waiting to be rinsed later this afternoon.) Even so, I’ve almost made it to the hem.

I have an inch or so more ribbing, and then it’s on to the sleeves. I swear, it actually fits even though it looks tiny. I keep trying it on to check the size and can in fact put it on and be comfortable. Apparently, I am used to wearing sweaters with about 10 inches of ease, and so anything that actually fits looks small. Who knew?