Well, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? We’ve gone from first snowfall to third snowfall, and nary a post. Unfortunately, all of this fluffy white stuff falling from the sky has not inspired the usual amount of knitting. I’m not sure why, really…just a lot going on, I suppose.

The sweater is still stockinette, on small needles, and hasn’t really changed much. I did at least pick it up for an hour or so last night.

The hat now has a companion of (almost) one handwarmer. Theoretically, the other will soon follow. Theoretically. (It had better, as this is definitely on the Christmas list, headed for my sister. I like it, but it’s just not me, and it’s 100% her.)

There is a new hat, which barely made it past the ribbing before screeching to a halt because I need to think about it for a few minutes to figure out what’s next.

And yesterday, I realized  that we’ll be leaving for Christmas in 8 days, and I have no idea what I’m bringing for knitting, and none of the current projects are good candidates.

Well, then. Guess that tells you what I’ll be doing, huh?